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中國選礦藥劑網版權聲明China Beneficiation Reagent Network Copyright statement
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1. All kinds of meetings and activities held on this website, papers, schemes, feasibility reports, experimental cases and other materials submitted by all participants, China Beneficiation Reagent Network has the right to publish in this website, the copyright is owned by this website and the original author.


2. This website solemnly reminds visitors: please respect the copyright and copyright of the work when reprinting, uploading or downloading the work; if you find any work that you do not sign, please contact us immediately and we will add your signature or take related measures .


3. Unless we have additional statements or there are mandatory provisions in Chinese law, the original works of users of this website, this website and the authors jointly enjoy copyright, other websites and traditional media need to obtain the written authorization of this website, without authorization is strictly prohibited to reprint or use for other commercial purposes.


4. This website has the right to use the works , which published on this website for other purposes, including websites, e-magazines, etc. Except the works are attached copyright statements.


Without the joint consent of this website and the author, no other organization shall infringe the copyright of its work in any form, including, but not limited to, unauthorized reproduction, linking, illegal use or reproduction, or creation of a mirror image of the work in any way.

  六、本網站有部分內容來自互聯網,如無意中侵犯了哪個媒體 、公司 、企業或個人等的知識產權,請來電或致函告之,本網站將在規定時間內給予刪除等相關處理,若有涉及版權費等問題,請及時提供相關證明等材料并與我們聯系,通過友好協商公平公正原則處理糾紛。

6. The website has some content from the Internet, if the website violate the intellectual property rights of the media, the company, the enterprise, the individual, etc. unconsciously,please inform us with phone or letter, the website will give the related solutions such as deletion within the specified time. If there are any issues related to copyright fees, please provide relevant certificates and other materials in a timely manner and contact us to resolve the dispute with the principles of friendly negotiation, fairness.


7. The final interpretation of the above clause belongs to www.dpbuqp.live, China Beneficiation Reagent Network .com and China Beneficiation Reagent Network .Net. Contact number: 13033348750



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