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中國選礦藥劑網免責條款 China Beneficiation Reagent Network escape clause
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China Beneficiation Reagent Network escape clause


Visitors must read this clause carefully and agree to this statement before accepting the service of this website. Visitors' access to this website and the use of the site in various ways will be regarded as no objection to the full content of this clause. If you have any objection, please consult with this website immediately and obtain the written consent of this website.

  第一條 訪問者在從事與本網站相關的所有行為(包括但不限于訪問瀏覽、利用、轉載、宣傳介紹)時,必須以善意且謹慎的態度行事;訪問者不得故意或者過失的損害或者弱化本網站的各類合法權利與利益,不得利用本網站以任何方式直接或者間接的從事違反中國法律、國際公約以及社會公德的行為,且訪問者應當恪守下述承諾:





Clause 1 Visitors must act in good faith and caution when engaging in all acts related to this website (including, but not limited to, visiting, browsing, using, reprinting, publicizing and introducing); Visitors can not intentionally or inadvertently damage or weaken all kinds of legitimate rights and interests of this website, can not use this website to engage in acts that violate Chinese laws, international conventions and social morality directly or indirectly, and visitors should abide by the following commitments:

(1) Transmission and use of information from this website must be accord with the rules of Chinese law, international conventions, and also in accordance with public order and good social customs;

(2) Do not use this website and related network services for illegal and improper purposes;

(3) Do not interfere with and disrupt the website and related network services;

(4)  Abide by the agreements, regulations, procedures and conventions related to this website and network services.

第二條 本網站內容僅代表作者本人的觀點,不代表本網站的觀點和看法,與本網站立場無關,相關責任作者自負。

Clause 2 The content of this website represents only the views of the author himself, not the views and opinions of the website, has nothing to do with the position of the website, and the author is responsible for it.

第三條 本網站所刊載的各類形式(包括但不僅限于文字、圖片、圖表)的作品僅供參考使用,并不代表本網站同意其說法或描述,僅為提供更多信息,也不構成任何投資建議。對于訪問者根據本網站提供的信息所做出的一切行為,除非另有明確的書面承諾文件,否則本網站不承擔任何形式的責任。

Clause 3 The works in various forms (including, but not limited to, text, pictures, charts) published on this website are for reference only, which does not mean that the website agrees with its statement or description, only for the purpose of providing more information, and does not constitute any investment advice. Unless there is a clear written commitment, this website shall not bear any form of liability for all acts done by visitors based on the information provided on this website.

第四條 當本網站以鏈接形式推薦其他網站內容時,本網站并不對這些網站或資源的可用性負責,且不保證從這些網站獲取的任何內容、產品、服務或其他材料的真實性、合法性,對于任何因使用或信賴從此類網站或資源上獲取的內容、產品、服務或其他材料而造成(或聲稱造成)的任何直接或間接損失,本網站均不承擔任何責任。

Clause 4 when this website recommends the content of other websites in the form of links, this website shall not be responsible for the availability of these websites or resources, and shall not guarantee the authenticity and legality of any content, products, services or other materials obtained from these websites, and for any content or products obtained from such websites or resources as a result of the use or trust of such websites or resources, This website shall not be liable for any direct or indirect loss caused (or claimed to be caused) by the content, products, services or other materials.

第五條 以上條款內容的最終解釋權歸www.dpbuqp.live、中國選礦藥劑網.com、中國選礦藥劑網.net所有。聯系電話:13033348750

Clause 5 The final interpretation of the above clause belongs to www.dpbuqp.live, China Beneficiation Reagent Network .com and China Beneficiation Reagent Network .Net. Contact number: 13033348750


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